Thursday, August 03, 2006


There is no word for love
in my lenguage
What I have inside is bigger
than the four letters word.
My feeling is so intense
and passionate that
I'm in the edge of collapsing,
vanishing forever in this plane.
Don't think I'm shy neither
arrogant or selfish for not
telling you how much you mean
for me.
My quest for you is long,
oldest of the Earth seasons cycle.
I fall in love of you when
I saw you emerge
with the first light of
the beggining of the time.
I'm long lasted being
but my time is not endless.
This song is for you Eunice.
My time is running away
and I want to tell you this
If I'm short of words
I'll be finishing in the same
way all humans do:
I'll love you forever, Eunice.

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