Thursday, August 10, 2006

Say NO to war.

There is no justification for killing or murdering people
in the name of anything.
War is not desired in any part of this world.
Until today more than 2500 american soldiers have been killed
during Irak occupation.
Is this war justified in the name of what?
Families of killed soldiers are suffering for not seeing anymore their
beloved sons, husbands, relatives or friends.
Young people with a brilliant future left their blood and breath in a land
far away from house and care of friends and relatives.
The youth is our heritage for prevailing the costumes and history of
the american people.
Their smiles and vitality are not longer part of this life.
But pain is not only part of american society. Irak people is living the worst
part of this unjustified war.
Thousands of innocent children, men and woman has been killed by bullets
and bombs launched by occupational army.
Horrible scenes of disaster and death are common in this land of the first
ancient culture.
You can found orfand children livingin the street feeding themselves with
Entire familes with no future, no house, no hopes or money for living.
Life there is an eternal desperation. Sometimes is desired to be 6" under ground than supporting starvation..
Saddam deserve the death for killing Kurd people with mostasa gas.
He is one of the list dictators putting on risk the survival of humanity.
But is he the reason of this mess? Is not oil?
We know his land is slmost floating in a sea of petroleum and we know how this is important for moving the wheel of the most civilized nations.
But is killing and murdering justified for this?
Who is the nasty people behing this bloody business?
No worth to mention because they are in the touhjts of the smart american people.
Stop disgrace, desperation, suffering and pain for American and Irak people.
War is not justified in any matter.
There is no room for killers and butchers in a human society pursuing peace and progress.
Say NO to war.

Say YES to peace.

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